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Sell Silver for Cash

At Postgoldforcash.com we are very flexible with regards to what we accept and you’d be very surprised by some of the silver things we have bought from our customers.

So what are you waiting for? Turn that silver into cash today!

All you have to do is order your FREE Gold Selling Pack and follow the very easy instructions. We pay all of the postage, packaging and insurance on what you send in, and will call you with an offer within 24 hours of receiving your silver!

Why should I sell my silver to postgoldforcash.com?

Selling your silver to Postgoldforcash.com means that you will:

  • Get an excellent cash offer for your silver.

  • Enjoy our quick, fast and easy service.

  • Get cash for your old bits and pieces.

  • Postgoldforcash.com can pay much more than our competitors.

  • When we tell you that our service is quick and efficient, we mean it.


We buy silver from many customers

Although we are a renowned gold buyer, we also buy silver from many customers and have received some lovely silver items through the post.

Selling silver could really benefit you, and net you an excellent cash payment.

Now is a great time to sell your silver as prices are high!

Gold has traditionally been seen as being the only precious metal (apart from platinum) that is worth selling. However this is far from true, you'd be amazed at what your silver could be worth.

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