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At we are not only the leading gold buyers in the industry, but we are also one of the only gold buyers to buy diamonds from our customers, helping you to make even more cash for your unwanted jewellery.

What diamonds do we buy?gold diamond ring

We buy diamonds that are:

  • Over 0.10 carat
  • Loose or set in jewellery
  • In good condition

How are diamonds valued?

We determine the value of your diamonds using the 4 C’s used to categorise all precious stones.


This refers to the shape and symmetry of the stone. This affects the way light enters the stone and how many times it is reflected before leaving the stone. To the observer, the more times it is reflected the brighter the stone looks.


This refers to the quality of the diamond, its visual appearance including how many inclusions or imperfections there are and the number of surface defects known as blemishes. 


Diamonds vary in colour, however the whiter the diamond, the more it is worth. If a diamond appears more yellow, it means it has more impurities which lowers the value.


Carat irefers to the size of the diamond. Diamond prices are calculated as a price per carat, so the higher the carat weight, the more the diamond is worth!

Sell my gold now!

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