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What happens after you order a pack?

3 Easy Steps

Once you have ordered your pack, you will need to:

Order your free pack
use our free mail service
Cash within 48 hours


Selling gold for cash to Postgoldforcash.com could not be easier!

We are the best place to sell gold and make sure that selling jewellery for cash is easy, friendly and quick for our customers.

Simply request your FREE gold selling pack using the pack request form on the right hand side of this page. We will get your FREE gold selling pack sent out straight away.

Once you have your FREE gold selling pack, simply pop your gold into the padded bag, fill in the selling form and pop them into the pre-paid Special Delivery Envelope.

Take the envelope to your local Post Office counter where the clerk will give you a proof of postage receipt. Your gold will now be insured, and delivered to us the following day.

Upon receipt of your items we will contact you within 24 hours with an offer for your gold.

Remember that Postgoldforcash.com, as reputable gold buyers, will pay for the insurance, postage and packaging on the gold that you sell for cash. All you need to do is take your pre-paid Special Delivery envelope to your local Post Office.

What happens once you receive the gold?

Once we receive the gold you wish to sell for cash, we will take excellent care of it.

Here’s what happens:

  1. Your gold is taken to one of our industry trained gold valuers and weighed/assessed in order to determine its value. This is determined by both the weight/purity of the gold and the gold price at the time.
  2. Once we have determined the value of your gold, we call you with our best price offer. This is always within 24 hours of receiving your gold.
  3. Once you have confirmed you are happy with our offer and wish to sell your gold for cash, we will arrange payment immediately.
  4. If you are not happy with our offer you are under no obligation to sell and we will return your items free of charge.

How we pay you is totally up to you!

We can pay you via:

  • Cash*
  • Payment into your bank account
  • Cheque

What are you waiting for? Selling gold to Postgoldforcash.com could not be easier!
It is imperative that you make the most of high gold prices and sell sell sell!

Order your FREE gold selling pack now!

*Please note a fee of £9 will be charged for postage and administration for cash payments.

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