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How can I be sure I can trust you with my gold? has been trading since 2009, and in that period has become the most respected online gold buyer, with many happy customers selling gold to us in that time. This is shown by our rating as the best online deal with and In addition to that, has been the gold buying partner of WH Smiths since 2010. is a trading division of 2 Kings Ltd: a UK company registered with Companies House (registration number 07970890). As far as we know, there are no negative comments whatsoever about its Directors posted on any Internet site or elsewhere.

We are also VAT registered through HMRC and our VAT number is 1352048842. Your items will be handled and assessed by our highly trained valuers under constant CCTV surveillance for your security, and we are insured against theft or loss.

The business is owned and run by Directors with excellent track records and you really can trust us. If you have any problems, e-mail us at and one of our Directors will look into it.

What are your terms and conditions?

You can see them by clicking here and you should read them carefully. In the event of any contradictions with this section, our Terms and Conditions take precedence.

Is there a minimum age for a customer?

Yes, you must be at least 18 when selling gold to PostCashForGold.

How do I package my gold?

Please send your gold and any other items in the clear padded bag and Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope provided in our Postgoldforcash Pack along with your 'Itemised List'.

Is it safe to post my gold?

Yes - providing you use the Royal Mail Special Delivery "Tamper Proof Envelope" and the protective padded bag issued with the Postgoldforcash Pack which we send you.

This package is tracked from the Post Office of your choice until delivery with us. Over 99% of these packages will be received the very next working day. Your items are fully insured by the Royal Mail against loss or damage in transit for up to £750. In the very unlikely event that your parcel shows any sign of tampering or damage, we will refuse delivery in order for you to validate your claim against the Royal Mail.

What if I think my items may be worth more than £750?

No problem, simply tick a circle on the back of the Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope to increase the insurance level to £1,000 or £2,500. You will have to pay £1 - £3 for this extra insurance at the Post Office, but we will refund this when we buy your gold. If your items could be worth more than £2,500 then please send them in separate Royal Mail Special Delivery envelopes - call us on 08717 168805 (calls cost 10ppm) to request another Postgoldforcash Pack.

I don't know what type of gold I have/ what about unhallmarked gold?

No problem. Simply fill in our 'Itemised List' with what you do know, and we will do the rest. On receipt of your items, our expert valuers will establish any different gold grades and value them accordingly. Unlike many of our competitors, we do NOT pay a lower rate for unhallmarked gold.

Does it matter if some of my items are broken or in poor condition?

No, we buy the items in order to melt them down so their condition does not matter.

What happens when you receive my gold?

When your package arrives we follow a step by step process:

  • We identify your unique customer reference number
  • Your package is then opened by our valuers who are recorded under close up CCTV surveillance, and its contents checked against the 'Itemised List' you filled in.
  • The valuers will separate different metals and grades of metals, acid testing where necessary and will weigh them in order to establish the total value of your items.
  • You will then be contacted with an offer. If you accept the offer, we will agree with you which of our payment methods (as described below) you prefer.
  • Should you decide not to accept our offer, your items will be returned to you at our cost. So we are confident you will like our offer!

The above procedures are followed to protect all parties in the transaction. Should a discrepancy ever arise, we can then refer back to our CCTV footage.

Are your prices guaranteed?

Because gold prices change several times a day our offer is valid until 4.30pm on the day it is made. We are happy to offer again based on the daily price the next day.

What items do you buy?

Please see the 'What we buy' section on this website but essentially we buy all types of gold, silver or platinum as well as Diamonds.

I don't know how heavy my scrap gold is/what happens if my gold weight does not agree with yours?

Precious metals are weighed in Troy ounces which equate to 31.1035 grams per Troy ounce.

Don't worry If your home scales aren't accurate enough - most kitchen scales are unlikely to be fully accurate. Checking against your 'Itemised List', our valuers will weigh your gold using highly accurate electronic scales as approved by HM Weights and Measures Act 1985. We can notify you of the exact weight when making our offer, helping you to sell your gold efficiently.

How do I get paid and how quickly?

Selling gold for cash could not be easier with and we offer a wide selection of payment options. All payments are made Monday - Friday and no later than the working day after you accept our offer.

  1. Cash via Post Service. We can send you cash to anywhere in the UK via Royal Mail Special Delivery, an insured service by the Royal Mail. If you wish to use this service, we will charge you £9 postage fee to pay for this cash via Post Service and to cover our extra administration costs in handling cash. We will send you the cash in British Bank notes and £1 or £2 coins, with the amount rounded down to the nearest whole pound. The cash will be sent in a secure and insured envelope and will need to be signed for at your address. Over 99% of these will arrive the very next working day.
  2. Direct bank transfer to your Account. We can pay straight into the account of your choice in the UK, with funds leaving our account the day after you agree to our offer. There is no charge for this service. We will send you a payment receipt confirming the money has been transferred.
  3.  Cheque. We can send you a cheque by first class post the next working day after you have agreed to our offer - at no charge to you. We will send you a payment receipt along with the cheque to the same address to which we sent the FREE Postgoldforcash Pack.

Are your prices good compared to the rest of the market?

We regularly monitor the "Gold Fix" (twice daily) and adjust our price accordingly to ensure that we offer a very competitive price alongside our fantastic service. Our aim is to build a sustainable long term business, largely based on our customers referring their friends and relatives to us - so providing a highly competitive price when you sell gold for cash is in our long term interests.

What do I get if I refer any customers to you?

If you refer a friend or family member and we buy over £30 worth of Gold from them we will then pay you BOTH £10. Please see "Refer A Friend" Section of the website for further details.

Are your testimonials from real people?

Yes. They are all customers who have sold items to us.

Can I change my mind once I've accepted your offer?

Unfortunately once you accept our offer, your gold and other items may be sent immediately for melting down. So, it is not possible to change your mind once you have agreed to sell. We are happy for our offer to remain open until 5pm each working day in case you need time to think about it or talk it over with someone. You can always leave it until the next day, but we will then have to revise our offer based on the latest Gold Price which could have moved up or down. You will get the benefit if the price has been increased, but the offer will be lower if it has decreased.

What if you can't contact me?

If we are unable to contact you by telephone we will write to ask you to call us. If after 28 days we have still not been able to make you a verbal offer, we will send you a payment for your items. If you are not happy with the payment you will have 14 days to return the payment and we will return your items 5 days after receiving the payment.

I have lost my Postgoldforcash Pack but want to send items to you - how do I do it?

Please submit the simple contact form on the home page of this website and we will send you a new Postgoldforcash Pack, or alternatively call us on 08717 168805 (calls cost 10ppm) to order a new pack.

I need another Postgoldforcash Pack for a friend or relative - how do I get one?

Please call us on 08717 168805 (calls cost 10ppm) and we will send you a new Postgoldforcash Pack which includes YOUR customer reference number so we can pay you £10 as a thank you when your friend or relative becomes a new customer and sells us items for over £30.

What if I decide not to sell all the items I send in?

This is absolutely fine, we are happy to return any specific items and buy the other items you still wish to sell.

What happens to Diamonds and Gemstones?

We will make offers for substantial diamonds and gemstones in prime condition. However as we focus on the re-cycling of gold, platinum and silver, there is no payment for items which include small or bad conditioned stones. If you would like to keep diamonds or gemstones then we would advise you to remove these before sending them in to us.

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